Unique handmade ornaments for each site.

Statues of brass and wooden traditional totem
Several bronze statues and traditional wooden totem
Mature - dancing figure of stone and metal
Couple with umbrella stone and metal
Couple on bike, metal and wood, black
Dogs couple from stone and metal
Indian deities and Buddhas made of bronze, handmade
Indian bronze figurines (Monks) musical instruments
Seated bronze Buddha, blue
Detail of bronze statue lady doing gymnastics
Metal statues in various sizes and colors that make ladies gym
Metal figurines in various sizes and colors that make ladies fitness (1)
Metal figurines in various sizes and colors that make ladies gym, wooden decorative
Metal ornament with circles and human figure with granite base
Metal ornament with circles and figure dancers with granite base
Metal decorative bike
Metal bike race type
Metal bike race type
Metallic bike sport type
Metal realistic bicycle model with motion
Model dancer stone and metal
Model Dancer stone and metal
Bronze Indian figures, different forms of Ghanesh
Bronze figures of monks, red
Bronze figures of musicians
Bronze figurines in various sizes and colors that make ladies gym
Bronze figures, ballet dancer poses
Indian bronze figure with drum
Bronze figure of man in lotus position
Bronze figure lady doing workout, middle
Bronze figure conductor
Bronze figure of music, violin
Bronze figure of musician, guitar
Bronze figure of musician, trumpet
Bronze figure of a ballerina dancing
Bronze figure of newlyweds
Bronze figure of trumpeter
Bronze figure of a seated dancer
Bronze figure, Ghanesh stringed instrument
Bronze figure, Ghanesh with Drum
Bronze statue violinist
Bronze statue lady doing workout, big, red
Bronze statue lady doing gymnastics, large, green
Bronze statue of a dancing ballerina figure
Bronze statue musician, drum
Bronze statue standing angel
Bronze statue of angel with grapes
Bronze decorative human figure based wax or business cards
Bronze decorative couple in yoga posture
Bronze decorative seated girl with candle
Bronze decorative seated human
Bronze ornament, statue
Bronze decorative couple
Bronze decorative couple blue
Bronze decorative, mother with child
Bronze decorative, family, small
Bronze ornament child on chair
Bronze decorative toy in chair
Bronze decorative kiss
Bronze double bike
Bronze couple on bicycle
Bronze dancing couple
Bronze candlestick abstract human figure
Bronze candlestick girl bathed
Bronze candlestick ballerina
Bronze candlestick reclining girl
Bronze hand model, small
Bronze model hand door handle
Bronze hand model
Brass knocker figure with cat, big
Bronze figure of a cat with knocker
Brass knocker figure with deer
Brass knocker with elephant figure
Stone statue of a couple in brown and beige with metallic details
Stone and metal statue, couple embraced, brown - beige
Stone statue with metal details, seated couple
Stone statue with metal details, pensive man
Stone and metal statue, couple embraced, brown - beige
bike double
retro bike
Collection metallic bicycle on various sizes and types
Figure of a seated girl made of stone and metal
Figure seated bronze angel
Seated human figure made of stone and metal
Figure ballerina bronze, blue
Figure golfer bronze
Handmade bronze figurines monks musical instruments, red
Painted figure of a seated Buddha, bronze
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